Travel Guidelines

As the number of members in our club continues to grow, there is a renewed interest in carpooling, carsharing, and with that, members requiring lifts to the hikes.
The Club has always had an interest in fostering a team spirit with an inclusive and diverse culture, with a focus on ensuring that ALL members interested in doing a hike, can avail of that opportunity.
Those with cars are encouraged to carpool, carshare, and offer lifts (where possible and reasonable) while assuring respect and discretion for all car drivers wishing to travel solo. Those wishing to carpool, carshare, or take a lift are encouraged to respect the other car drivers’ facilitation.
When a lift or carpool is available from/to our Cork City Centre meet-up point, we would ask members to bear in mind the following ‘guidelines’:
  • Be present at the pick-up point before the stated departure time on the confirmation email.
  • If you are unable to make this time, or are unable to travel, please inform the walk Leader well in advance of pickup time.
  • Do not expect the driver to make unscheduled or off-route stops.
  • Do not expect the driver to drop you anywhere other than the original City Centre start point on return.
  • Observe good car passenger etiquette, e.g., seatbelts, eating/drinking, opening windows etc.
  • Do offer the facilitating driver 10 Euros to cover fuel costs of the full trip(all passengers). Carpooling from the second meeting point to the hike starting point does not require a donation. 
We hope that by following these guidelines, we will encourage more carpooling, car-sharing as we try to do our bit to look after the natural environment we are travelling to enjoy.