Summer Barbeque 2016

Saturday August 6th, 2016  – The Waterloo Inn, Blarney

Summer Barbeque 2016

Steak and other meat on barbeque. Background. Smoke. Meals, Close-up

Last Saturday the 6th August, the Cork Backpackers Hillwalking Club Summer Barbeque 2016 was held at the Waterloo Inn, Bar and Restaurant, Blarney. More than fifty members and guests attended the barbeque which was organised by Liz O’Callaghan and proved to be a a great success.  This was helped by the dry weather. The Summer Barbeque 2016 setting was in a lovely marquee set beside trees and a stream with some tables in the garden.

Compliments must go to the chef and his crew for rolling up their sleeves on the evening. Delicious BBQ food was cooked up and a variety of healthy salads were provided.  The DJ had everyone dancing the night away to the 70’s and 80’s music till the wee hours.  All in, everyone had a looow and slooow hot-smoking night!!!


For many years the Backpackers have had a Summer Barbeque. Originally the barbeque was a self-catering affair. The location was Rocky Bay and it was a huge logistical project. Logs had to be brought down to the beach for a large bonfire.  Charcoal also had to be brought down for the barbeque. One of the members hired a generator to power the lights and the music. Two tents were rquired- one for the food and the other to house the music equipment. After the barbeque was over at around 2.00am came the big cleanup. This was a wearing and unwelcome end to the barbeque. As the membership of the club grew it was no longer practical to run the event ourselves. One of the most popular and early venues for the barbeque was the Garretstown Hotel, now long since gone. Many members camped out near the beach on the night of the barbeque. 


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