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Sign UpAll walkers must sign up for a walk beforehand either online or in person with the Walk Organiser in Counihan’s Pub, Pembroke Street, Cork from 9.00pm on the Wednesday before the Sunday hillwalk. 

Originally there was not a need to sign up as the numbers were small and there was only one walk and one leader. As the club developed and numbers grew rapidly different grades of walks were introduced. It became necessary to know how many walkers would be walking on the Sunday so that skilled leaders could be assigned for each individual walk. You can sign up on the sign up form below.

New Hillwalkers

New hillwalkers are welcome to join us for a trial hillwalk.   They must, however, sign up  in person in Counihan’s Pub, Wintrop Street, Cork on the Wednesday before the hillwalk from 9.00pm onward.

New Hillwalkers

The Cork Backpackers Hillwalking Club (CBHC for short) is based in Cork city although members come from all over the county and beyond. The Backpackers is one of the most active and longest established hiking clubs in Cork having started in 1982.  The Club always welcomes new hillwalkers.  Here are a few notes about what to expect regarding the Cork Backpackers Hill Walking Club and its activities.

Club Walks

The Club organises a day walk every two weeks (on Sundays) throughout the entire year to various locations in Munster including Cork, Kerry, Tipperary and Waterford. There are four Walk Grades, starting with the “D” -Easiest Walk (which is for those who would like to try out the sport) up to the “A” Advanced Walk (for those who are very fit), the emphasis being on participation and enjoyment.
New hillwalkers must sign up for a trial “D” walk in person with the walk organiser in Counihan’s Pub, Pembroke Street, Cork on the Wednesday night preceding the walk from 9.00pm onward. 

Meeting Point(s)

The walk meeting point is on the South Mall opposite the Imperial Hotel on Sunday morning at  8:15 am, 8:30am or 8:45am depending on the walk levelHere we car pool so that we can leave Cork, sharply, at 8.30am, 8.45am and 9.00am respectively.  For safety, numbers on walks are limited, so it is essential that you sign up for a walk online or with the Walk Organiser on the preceding Wednesday night in Counihan’s Pub, Pembroke Street, Cork.

Getting to the Walk



New hillwalkers and non-drivers will be assigned to a designated driver and car for the day. This driver will be on the same level walk as you so that you both finish the walk at about the same time. As well as being environmentally friendly, car pooling is beneficial because frequently parking is limited at the hillwalking start point.  Each passenger sharing a car is asked to contribute €10 for fuel to the driver.

Coffee Stop

On the way to the mountains, the club stops for coffee and scones at a designated cafe/restaurant/hotel. Walkers should ensure that they pay for their own tea/coffee and scone before leaving the coffee stop.  This is typically €4 to €5

Food and Drinks Packed Lunch

Hillwalkers should bring a packed lunch and sufficient water (1 litre minimum) to be consumed during the walk.  In cold weather, a flask with a hot drink is recommended.  Remember also that chocolate is a great source of instant energy. 


Following the walk and a change of clothes, hillwalkers from the different grades of walks gather together in the “Après Walk” venue for refreshments. This is a convivial occasion in a local pub/restaurant/hotel where walkers can meet walkers from the other grades of walks and swap experiences. Following the meal walkers should ensure they pay for their food and drink before departure.

Change of Clothes

Walkers should bring a change of clothes (including a towel) to change into after the walk.  These should be left in the car during the walk.

Walking Gear

Because of the changeability and unpredictability of weather on the Irish mountains proper weatherproof clothing is essential.

Click here for recommended walking gear: Hillwalking Gear

Walk Grades

There are four grades of walks to suit individual levels of fitness and preferences.  On their first hillwalk new walkers are requested to go on the trial “D” Easiest walk so that their level of fitness can be gauged.  For more information on the grades of hillwalks click here: Grades of Hillwalks


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