New Committee

The New Committee

There was a large attendance at the Extraordinary General Meeting held at Nemo Rangers Hurling and Football Club on Wednesday, October 11th last. The purpose of the meeting was to elect the new committee.

The New Committee

The New Committee

There were sixteen members going forward for the eight posts to be filled. The first post to be filled was Donal O’Leary as chairperson and the voting continued for the remaining posts.

The new committee is as follows:

ChairpersonDonal O'Leary
SecretaryEimear O'Sullivan
Assistant SecretaryPat Sheehan
TreasurerIrene Clifford
Public RelationsAnne Collins
MembershipGer Healy &
Thade O'Mahony
Mountain SkillsAileen Warbrook
SocialAnthony O'Sullivan &
Thade O'Mahony

After the election of the committee, there was a spirited discussion on whether those attending the EGM should be allowed the customary concession on the fee for membership for the year. Traditionally the fee for renewal of membership at the AGM is €45. In the event, it was agreed that the concession should be available to those attending the meeting. 

Following this Donal O’Leary thanked all those attending and closed the meeting.

Places for the October Weekend were on sale after the meeting and many members took the opportunity of renewing their membership the agreed concession rate.

Functions & Responsibilities of the Committee 


  • Meetings: There are approximately 12 committee meetings during the year. In general, these are held on the Wednesdays before a walk, upstairs in Counihan’s at 7.30pm.
  • Organizing Walks: There are about 24 club walks during the year.  For a committee of 8 this means that each organizes 3 walks per year.  This involves booking the coffee stop, taking names on the preceding Wed night, organizing leaders/co-leaders and giving them the walk lists on the Sunday morning.
  • Weekends Away: There are 5 weekends away in the year.  October, New Year, Easter, June and August.  Organizing involves finding a suitable venue, booking and paying the deposit, selling the places, drawing up the rooming list, ensuring lunch food is provided, arranging walk leaders, booking a restaurant for the Saturday night meal etc. The treasurer deals with the payments.  The main decisions will be taken collectively by the committee such as location and cost.

Committee Roles 


The Chairperson is like a team leader and should have a good overall view of the workings of the club. They should understand the club’s constitution, its’ aims, policies, vision, financial situation and encourage members to come up with new ideas.  When it comes to committee meetings, the Chairperson is responsible for the overall planning and running of the meeting.

Secretary and Assistant Secretary:

The main duties of the Secretary/Assistant Secretary are as follows:

  • Communicating regularly with the committee members and with club members. This is usually by email.
  • Keeping an up to date database of club membership.
  • Registering members with Mountaineering Ireland.
  • Communicating with Mountaineering Ireland and replying to their emails.
  • Replying to emails coming through the club website from members of the public.
  • Recording minutes of the meetings.
  • Dealing with correspondence and keeping records.
  • Keeping a register of those on the Sunday walks.



The Treasurer is the person with responsibility for the financial affairs of the club. They should ensure that transactions are transparent and legitimate. The Treasurer is responsible for the income and expenditure of the club. They provide a report on the state of the club’s finances at the monthly meetings.


Public Relations Officer:

The main function of the PRO is to present a positive image of the club to the general public.  The PRO compiles material to be provided to those managing the club Website and Facebook so as to keep members informed and publicise the club to the general public. Those who take photographs on, for example, walks and who wish to share them with the club would send them to the PRO. Keep the Notice Board in Counihan’s updated.  Deal with queries from the media.

Membership Officer:

The Membership Officer’s primary role is to manage membership renewal as well as signing up new members, and to collect affiliation fees.  They should give new members information about the club and its activities, what they should bring with them on a walk, the gear they must wear, etc.


Mountain Skills Officer

The Mountain Skills Officer should develop a plan to provide courses to club members who wish to learn Map Reading and Navigation skills.  These courses may be given in house by club members or, alternatively, external courses arranged by for example Mountaineering Ireland.  The Mountain Skills Officer should liaise with and support the leaders and help the club to increase its pool of leaders/co-leaders.  Manage the First Aid kits.

Social Officer

The Social officer organises monthly social events during the year.  Examples are the Christmas Party, BBQ, Film/drinks nights, Historical/Charity walks.


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