Mountain Navigation

Mountain Navigation / Leadership

As a result of increasing membership the club is constantly looking for new leaders.  Therefore the club encourages all members to develop basic mountain skills including navigation. Furthermore, mountain skills training courses are held regularly by the club. The mountain navigation training course provides a general introduction to hillwalking in Ireland and also the basics of mountain navigation.  This training course provides a foundation for gaining personal mountaineering proficiency on the mountains. The skills covered include map reading, navigation techniques, knowledge of hazards, mountain safety and personal equipment. Hence, a person finishing the course will be in a position to safely, and competently, take to the hills.

No previous experience of navigation is required and in addition maps and compasses will be supplied where necessary. See below for course outline. These courses take different formats, the most popular being the Day Navigation Walk

Mountain Navigation

Day Navigation Walk

The format consists of meeting up as usual on the South Mall and travelling to the coffee stop venue. At the coffee   there is a theory session on navigation for approximately an hour and a half. This is followed by a practical navigation session on the hills for three to four hours. Following this the group meets up with members from the other walks at the after walk venue. Navigation walks take place regularly and typically there would be four persons on the walk.

Advantages of the Day Navigation Walk Course

  • Navigation Theory session immediately before the practical session
  • The numbers on these walks will be limited to four people to ensure individual attention
  • The walks will be 3 to 4 hours in duration
  • The course takes place on a regular walk Sunday
  • In addition the group meets up with the other members at the after walk venue

Further information can be got by e-mailing:

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Mountain Navigation Course Outline

  • Mountain Environment

  • Hazards on the Mountains

  • Weather Implications

  • Ordnance Survey Maps 

  • Map Reading & Navigation

  • Taking Bearings & Grid References

  • Route Planning

  • GPS Navigation

  • Personal Equipment

  • Emergency Procedures

  • Naismith’s Rule

  • Leading a Walk