The Chapel at Gougane Barra

Maam Turks Challenge Walk Tenth Anniversary – April 7th, 2007

Hi all,

Today is D-day… 7th April 2007 was the fantastic Maam Turks Walk, well done to all who joined us in Gougane Barra on 25th March for a reunion walk, excellent turnout, perfect weather and well over due catch up with all, looking forward to an annual celebration going forward to make the occasion…..

Hope everyone is well…

Enjoy the photos, obviously as you will see no one got a day older in the ten years 🙂

Enjoy the weekend and Happy Easter…

Roger O’Sullivan

Maam Turks Hall of Fame 2007 – 2017

Maamturks 2007-2017

                                                                 Maamturks Anniversary Walk 2007-2017

Maam Turks April 7th, 2007

Standing: Roger O’Sullivan, Eoghan Callery, Mary O’Keeffe, Una Murphy, Jean Sayers, Graham ??????, Jerry Murphy, Kevin Gallagher, Niamh Murphy

Front row: Hannah O’Sullivan, Batty Kelleher, Tom Curran, Maura Keane, Simon Rose, Donal O’Leary

Gougane Barra Walk March 25th,2017

Roger O’Sullivan, Mary O’Keeffe, Hannah O’Sullivan, Batty Kelleher, Tom Curran, Jerry Murphy, Niamh Murphy, Donal O’Leary

The Chapel at Gougane BarraThe Chapel at Gougane Barra

Roger O’Sullivan, Batty Kelleher, Hannah O’Sullivan, Mary O’Keeffe, Jerry Murphy, Tom Curran, Niamh Murphy

Foreground: Batty Kelleher, Donal O’Leary, Jerry Murphy. Background: Tom Curran, Mary O’Keeffe, Hannah O’Sullivan, Niamh Murphy

Batty Kelleher, Tom Curran, Hannah O’Sullivan, Jerry Murphy, Donal O’Leary, Niamh Murphy, Mary O’Keeffe


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