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1st March 2018

Dear fellow Hillwalker

Mountaineering Ireland (MI) AGM on 24th March – Irish Ramblers Motion

Following our communication to your hillwalking club last November, regarding an MI Hillwalking Committee, we submitted a motion on the topic to MI.  There will be a vote on this motion at the MI AGM in the Aherlow House Hotel on Saturday 24th March. 


“That the Board of Mountaineering Ireland will create and support a Hillwalking Committee
in recognition of the strategic importance of developing hillwalking. The Board will
ensure that the committee has agreed terms of reference, support by all Mountaineering
Ireland’s media, coordination with clubs, support by the office and financial support.

Should any part of this motion, if passed, be in conflict or arguably in conflict with the
Strategic Development Plan 2018- 2022 then, for the avoidance of doubt, the Board will
ensure the plan and its actions will be amended to include the substance of the motion.”

Click here to read the full motion and accompanying notes:  MI Motion from Irish Ramblers 

To date, we have received a substantially positive response to our proposal from other clubs and from some of the MI Board and staff with whom we have spoken. In addition, the clubs in attendance at the Dublin MI Regional Meeting. were supportive of the motion. This meeting was organised to canvas input for the MI Strategic Plan 2018-2021.


As we have said previously, MI’s hillwalking members make up a significant majority of the MI membership.  In addition there is an acceptance that the MI focus on the sport of hillwalking may not be at a sufficient level of intensity to ensure adequate future development.  This is why we are advocating a Hillwalking Committee – a part of MI specifically serving hillwalkers.

Carrying this particular members’ motion at the AGM makes the creation of a hillwalking committee a specific objective. Then the whole organisation will then be able to fully support this.  As with the Climbing Committee, the Hillwalking Committee should also be fully integrated and supported by the relevant parts of the Strategic Plan.

If your club hasn’t already decided, we would encourage you to send delegates to the AGM.  We would ask that you support the motion to ensure the development of MI’s services to hillwalkers and hillwalking.

The Irish Ramblers would also appreciate if you could forward this communication to your membership as some of them may have made arrangements to attend the Spring Gathering on a personal basis.

We appreciate your support.

Yours sincerely,

Bob Nugent

President – Irish Ramblers Club

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