Halloween and Spooks



20151031_194750 20151031_194746 20151031_194701 Many of the Cork Backpackers attended a well spirited spooky event on Halloween night in the atmospheric setting of Cork City Gaol. This is a beautiful place wit grounds displaying all the beauty of nature, flood lit on the night. All the Backpackers made a great effort with their spooky costumes from pirates to pussy cats, Dracula’s to doctors and skeletons to squeaky tailed bunnies, clowns, vampires and bat fairies with Angel wings!!!

It was the perfect place for 300 people to mix and mingle, a fantastic DJ and plenty of beer, wine, minerals, etc on tap! The spirits were out, both the liquid kind and the ghosts kind. It was a night for all to let their hair down and unwind. When everyone was leaving the gaol at the bewitching hour the grounds, the setting plus the foggy night added to the fantastic evening. Clubbers then danced the night away in the popular Crane Lane.
Well done to Liz and Liam for organising the event.

Cork City Gaol

Cork is a city with a very rich historical and archaeological heritage much of it still in evidence today. Part of this heritage , Cork City Gaol is located 2km n/w from Patrick’s Street and while the magnificent castle like building is now a major and unique visitor attraction, this Gaol once housed 19th century prisoners. Visitors get a fascinating insight into day to day prison life at a time when the high walls ensured no escape and denied law abiding citizens the opportunity to see one of the finest examples of Ireland’s architectural heritage.

Stepping inside visitors are taken back in time to the 19th century. Wandering through the wings of the Gaol, the atmosphere suggests you are accompanied by the shuffling feet of inmates, each representing their particular period in Irish history from pre –famine times to the foundation of the state. The cells are furnished with amazingly life like wax figures; original graffiti on cell walls tell the innermost feelings of some inmates while a very spectacular audio visual tells the social history and contrasting lifestyles of the 19th century Cork and why some people turned to crime, and some ended up in Australia. This exhibition fascinates visitors of all ages and nationalities and the tour is available in up to 13 languages.

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