Hungry Hill, The Beara Peninsula

Hungry Hill Sunday October 9th, 2016


Sun October 9, 2016 – Hungry Hill Hike (Fr. Frank Memorial Walk)

Hungry Hill, The Beara Peninsula

Hungry Hill,
The Beara Peninsula

Fr. Frank was an enthusiastic member of the club for

many years and died on October 12th, 2003.
He served on the committee and contributed to the club in many ways, particularly in leading the easy walk and offering a warm welcome to newcomers. He is fondly remembered and each year around his anniversary the club has a walk in Hungry Hill in commemoration of him.

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The Cork Backpackers Hillwalking Club is one of the main hiking and mountaineering clubs in the Cork area having been established in 1982.
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 Friday Night Walk-  October 7th, 2016

It’s nearly that time again for our Friday Night walk, so don’t do too much exercise on Thurs and save a little bit of energy for our Friday night little stroll, the things that we do to build up a thirst .

Our Friday night walk last week took us down around the Quays and over the railway tracks and up a bit of the Northside { I think},due to my map getting wet{from the rain; not sweat} it was decided to cut the walk a bit short . Well I have to say that I never saw the Friday night walkers move so fast, they made it back to the PUB in record time. With 3 more newbies on board, we had a job getting them out of the pub at the end of the night{it didn’t take them long to settle in}.

With all the men in our group feeling a bit tired after the walk and a drink or two, they all went home for their beauty sleep, little did I realise that they left me with 6 women, I went speechless for a few seconds but made a fast recovery . It is a tough job but someone has to do it!!!!!!!!!!

Our Friday night walk meeting place this week is our usual spot, at the FOUNTAIN (not in it as the weather is a bit cooler at this time of year and I would hate you to get a chill) on the Grand Parade at 8pm, (opposite Hillbillys)

All are welcome, feel free to bring along a Hi-Vis and a friend or two if you wish, (in case there are any awkward silences on the walk which for some reason has not happened yet). We won’t charge them anything for our charming company.

If you would like to catch up with us for a drink or two and a bit of ceol and craic, we should be back to the Spailpín pub around 10 pm {fingers crossed}.

All the best for now.

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