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Coomengeera Horseshoe / Rabach’s Glen

September 11, 2016 @ 9:00 am - 8:00 pm

Lackabane form Eskatariff

Lackabane form Eskatariff

Sun September 11, 2016 – Coomeengeera Horseshoe / Rabach’s Glen Hillwalk

Join us for a hillwalk in this spectacular region on the Beara peninsula in Co. Kerry. This isolated and hauntingly beautiful valley has a history of violence and murder in the early 1800s and tragedy and suffering during the Great Famine from 1845 to 1852.

Four levels of walks planned (trial, easy, short and moderate) with each walk taking different routes. New Walkers are always welcome to join us for a trial hillwalk before deciding to join the club.

Walkers can sign up in person in the Ovens Bar, Oliver Plunkett Street, Cork from 9.00pm on the Wednesday before the Sunday walk or online at: https://www.corkbackpackers.ie/

The meeting point is on the South Mall opposite the Imperial Hotel at 8.45am. We car pool from there and leave at 9.00am sharp.

Cummeengeera Settlement/Rabachs Glen.

Coomacloghane & Tooth MountainTwenty-nine people lived in Cummeengeera in 1841 and only seven in 1871 (wiped out by the great famine). It was in one of these houses that lived  Cornelius O’ Sullivan Rabach (Rabach meaning violent or vigorous) who was hanged for murder lived in the early 1800s. The Rabachs cave where he once hid from the authorities overlooks the river a short distance from the house ruins. The story goes, that around 1800 a sailor came to Rabachs house seeking shelter for the night. The sailor was killed because the Rabachs family believed he was carrying a worthwhile amount of money. It was believed that Cornelius )O’Sullivan was responsible for the murder. Unknown to Cornelius one of the neighbouring women saw what had taken place and many years later when she taunted him about the incident he drowned her in a river. The Rabach was hard to catch hiding out in his cave, but he was finally captured tried and hanged in Tralee gaol in march 1831.

Lackabane, the first or last major summit (depending on your route) on the Cummeengeera Horseshoe hillwalk above Rabach’s Glen near Lauragh. The ascent/descent on the east side is a steep grassy ridge which can be wet, steep sides on the north face afford amazing views of the whole glen below and the hanging valley, lake and Tooth Mountain opposite to the north.

Coomengeera HorseshoeAlthough Lackabane is generally encountered as part of the Cummeengeera circuit, there is no reason why it cannot be tackled as part of a duet with Tooreenbaha , or even on its own. The ascent from the Pocket carpark at V75426 55335 A (currently subject to an access/parking charge of €4) is very steep, firstly to the col with Tooreenbaha, and then up the ridge to the summit. An easier approach begins at V76724 57296 B and proceeds over Tooreenbaha at a gentle enough incline, leaving plenty of energy for the final pull up from the col. Lackabane is beautifully positioned for views back to Eskatarriff and across to Coomacloghane and Tooth. Hungry Hill lies immediately to the south and seem enormous. But none of these views match up to the extraordinary drama of the descent from Lackabane towards Tooreenbaha. The slope is narrow enough, and steep enough, to give the walker unrestricted views of Glanmore valley and lake, the eastern Cahas, Knockatee and Kenmare River. These are wonderful landscapes, all revealed at once, especially for the walker who has come the long way round from Tooth Mountain.

Coomacloghane is rightly regarded as Tooth Mountain’s sister. They are cut from the same cloth: exposed rock bands tilting upwards. Both summit plateaus are strewn with slabs akimbo. Both have unparalleled views over Kenmare River (bay) to the mountains of Iveragh. Both look into the extraordinary Pocket enveloped by the horseshoe of which they are part. Coomacloghane measures up at 599m (but watch this space as MV is recalibrating in the area). Tooth is 592m. Their gentle saddle rests at a mere 550m. But Coomacloghane alone has close up views of Lackawee and the Knockagrees and the darkly mysterious Glenbeg Lough. Find this mountain by driving from Kenmare to Lauragh. Ascend gradually over Tooth parking at V76724 57296  A . Alternatively, walk or drive into the Pocket and park at V75426 55335  B. Go into the field to the right of the nearest bungalow and begin a steep ascent staying right of the river gully during the early pull. The Pocket access will result in a demand for €4.


September 11, 2016
9:00 am - 8:00 pm
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Coomeengeera Horseshoe, Beara Peninsula, Co. Kerry
Beara Peninsula, Co. Kerry Ireland + Google Map