Ethiopian Highlands Trip 2018

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Sat October 20th to Fri 2nd November 2nd, 2018

Ethiopian Highlands

Ethiopian Highlands

Ethiopian Highlands Trip

Trek in the Wollo Highlands for 6 days staying with the local communities. Visit Addis Abba, Lake Tana, the Blue Nile Falls, Lalibella and its 12th Century Churches.

There will also be an opportunity to visit two schools where Africa are funding projects.

Two Week  Accompanied Group

Located in the Amhara Region, the Wollo Highlands are home to some of Ethiopia’s most important historic sites. Lalibela is its most famous attraction with its stunning 12th-century monolithic churches, hewn out of the rocky hills. However, visitors to Wollo can also experience some of the most stunning landscapes of the Ethiopian highlands. Through 2-10 day treks, visitors of any age and fitness level can explore these vistas. Highlights include viewing birds of prey soaring above, watching Gelada baboons scramble down the cliff face, and crossing meadows where local shepherd boys watch their flocks. Visitors to Wollo get a unique view of rural Ethiopia.

With funding from Irish Aid, local highland communities have built good accommodation in traditional Tukals. Good meals with wholesome food are available for breakfast, lunch also with a community, and dinner. Sit down toilets with views over the valleys and a bucket shower.

Travel writer Manchán Magan made the following comments:

It’s hard to understate the otherworldliness of the Ethiopian Highlands with gentle hikes through the hills, endless canyons, lush valleys & soaring volcanic peaks.”

Visitors are blown away by the mountains, hospitality and opportunity to get close to a culture as ancient & intriguing as this, entirely safe & utterly sensational. Their isolation in the highlands has preserved traditional life here to a remarkable extent”

Staying with local communities in clean elegant traditional lodges. Enjoying near western levels of comfort and food. You are served tea & a freshly baked snack as you take in the view, white eagles soaring overhead. Dinner is served around an open fire in a Tukul “.


Lalibela is a town in the Amhara region of northern Ethiopia. It features distinctive rock-cut churches dating from the 12th and 13th centuries, which are pilgrimage sites for Coptic Christians. Carved out of rock, the subterranean monoliths include huge Bete Medhane Alem, and cross-shaped Bete Giyorgis. Tunnels and trenches connect many of these and some have carved bas-reliefs and colored frescoes inside.

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