Four Peaks 2015 Challenge Walks

The Four Peaks Challenge

Complete the Four Peaks 2015 Challenge by climbing the highest mountain in each of the four provinces:

Munster: Carrauntoohil – 1,038 metres (3,406 ft)


Carrauntoohil (Irish Corrán Tuathail) is the highest peak in Ireland. Located in County Kerry, it is 1,038 metres (3,406 ft) high and is the central peak of the Macgillycuddy’s Reekss range. The ridge northward leads to Ireland’s second-highest peak, Beenkeragh (1,010 m), while the ridge westward leads to the third-highest peak, Caher (1,001 m). Carrauntoohil overlooks three bowl-shaped valleys, each with its own lakes. To the east is Hag’s Glen or Coomcallee (Com Caillí, “hollow of the Cailleach”), to the west is Coomloughra (Com Luachra, “hollow of the rushes”) and to the south is Curragh More (Currach Mór, “great marsh”).

Leinster: Lugnaquilla – 925-metre (3,035 ft)

Lugnaquilla (from Irish: Log na Coille, meaning “hollow of the wood”) is a 925-metre (3,035 ft) tall mountain in County Wicklow, Ireland. It is the highest peak of the Wicklow Mountains range, the highest in the province of Leinster, and the 13th highest peak in all Ireland. Informally referred to as one of the Irish Munroe, it is classed as a Furth by the Scottish Mountaineering Club.

Connaught: Mweelrea – 814 metres (2,670 feet)

Mweelrea (from Irish Cnoc Maol Réidh, meaning “smooth bald hill”) is a mountain in County Mayo, Republic of Ireland. With a height of 814 metres (2,670 feet), it is the highest point in the province of Connacht and the 34th highest in Ireland. The mountain overlooks Killary Harbour.

Ulster: Slieve Donard – 850-metre (2,790 ft)

Slieve Donard; from Irish: Sliabh Dónairt, meaning “Dónairt’s mountain”) is an 850-metre (2,790 ft) mountain in County Down, Northern Ireland. Part of the Mourne Mountains, it is the highest peak in Northern Ireland and in the wider province of Ulster. It is also the 19th highest peak on the island of Ireland. Slieve Donard sits near the town of Newcastle on the eastern coast of County Down, only 2 miles (3 km) from the Irish Sea.


Four Peaks 2015 Challenge Awards Ceremony

Fourteen members of the Cork Backpackers Hillwalking Club were honoured at the Backpackers’ Christmas Party on December 19th. All fourteen successfully completed the Club’s Four Peaks 2015 Challenge. The Backpackers’ Fab Fourteen climbed the highest mountains in Connacht (Mweelrea 814 mertes), the highest mountain in Leinster (Lugnaquilla 925 metres), the highest mountain in Munster and Ireland (Carrauntoohil 1,038 metres) and the highest mountain in Ulster (Slieve Donard 850 metres).

The successful Four Peak Challengers, [names below] were presented with certificates in recognition of their achievement by Club Chairman Charlie Corrigan at the Backpackers’ recent Christmas Party. Congratulations and well done to all those who participated.

The event has proven to be tremendously successful and will be repeated in 2016. 

More details can be found on the clubs website under the “Walks “ tab.

Four Peaks 2015 Challenge Award Winners

  • Anne-Marie Crowley
  • Charlie Corrigan
  • Dan White
  • Deirdre Cottrell
  • Donal O’ Leary
  • Eimear O’Sullivan
  • Helen Hourican
  • John O’Sullivan (Ovens)
  • Mary McCarthy
  • Paul Mulligan
  • Philip Angove
  • Sinead Morris
  • Thade O’Mahony
  • Valerie McCarthy

New Walkers are welcome to join us for a trial hill walk by signing up online or in person at Counihan’s Pub, Pembroke Street, Cork on Wednesday’s from 9.00pm.