BANFF Ocean Film Festival

BANFF Ocean Film Festival

Everyman Palace Theatre – Friday, September 14th.

BANFF 2018 Ocean Film Festival

The 2018 Ocean Film Festival World Tour is preparing to set sail once again. The festival celebrates the wonders of the ocean on the BIG SCREEN. 

With stops planned throughout the UK and Ireland, this year’s Ocean Tour films features courageous divers exploring our planet’s spectacular hidden depths, seafaring adventurers rowing treacherous oceans, intrepid surfers riding the world’s biggest waves and MORE!

You can catch this year’s Ocean Film Tour for the first time at The Everyman in CORK on Friday 14 September! Visit the website for film details and to book tickets.



The brand-new selection of films features seafaring adventurers rowing treacherous oceans, intrepid surfers riding the world’s biggest waves, and explores our planet’s spectacular hidden depths.

The Big Wave Project        20 minutes

Five years in the making, The Big Wave Project follows a tight-knit crew of leading big wave surfers. These are working together to attempt a personal goal that drills to core passion of surfing: Riding the World’s Biggest Wave. Hear candid, personal, no-holds-barred accounts of the real fear of death. Walk side by side with ultimate personal glory and the humbling power of the ocean..

Touched by the Ocean              30 minutes

Latvian friends Karlis and Gints have a second-hand rowing boat, no rowing experience and a grand plan. They hope to become the first team ever to row across the South Atlantic Ocean, from Namibia to Brazil. Touched by the Ocean joins them on a raucous tale of adventure, dedication and friendship.

Blue                     32 minutes

A multi-award winning film that takes us on a provocative journey into the ocean realm. We  witness a critical moment in time when the marine world is on a precipice. Featuring passionate advocates for ocean preservation, BLUE takes us into their world where the story of our changing ocean is unfolding. Meet inspiring individuals who are defending habitats, combating marine pollution and fighting for the protection of keystone species.


Scarlet’s Tale 15 minutes

Achmat had high hopes. He had a budding sports career with dreams of representing South Africa. However, this all changed on August the 13th 2006 when he had his first meeting with Scarlet. Little did Achmat know, that this meeting with a 4.7m Great White Shark named Scarlet would be the beginning of an 11-year bond.

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