Backpackers go Karting

Backpackers go Karting

Motor Racing may seem like a sport that would not be appealing to Hillwalkers, with our love of fresh air and wide open spaces. However our Social officers Liz and Liam gave us an opportunity to experience this glamorous, adrenaline pumping sport last Saturday night. OK, it was Indoor Karting at the former Ford’s factory on the Marina but you get my drift.

Five intrepid Backpackers, John A Murphy, Paul Mulligan, Pat Sheehan, Donal O’ Leary and John (beard) O’ Sullivan took up the challenge. Decked out in their Balaclavas and full faced Helmets, our five Heroes stepped into their Turbo charged vehicles revved up and let rip, bringing to life their Formula 1 fantasies and unleashing their inner Michael Schumachers, Lewis Hamiltons and Nigel Mansells.

Being located on three levels the course was quite challenging, involving some serious cornering and maneuvering. But the five Backpackers took to it like ducks to water. The cars are monitored by computer and so when the chequered flag called a halt to proceedings, it was revealed that John(beard) O’ Sullivan completed the course in the best time and so he is the CBHC Formula 1 Champ. Unfortunately our Social Officers omitted to provide a Magnum of Champagne for the winner to drench the other competitors, but we’ll overlook that on this occasion.

Then it was onto the Son of a Bun Restaurant on Mac Curtain Street. However half of Cork seemed to want to eat there that night. So some went to Burger King while others went to the more exotic newly opened Nandos. From there it was onto the rocking Idle Hour bar for some well deserved liquid refreshment where some other Backpackers joined in the fun and revelry until the early hours.

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